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A war has been raging in Iraq for the last five years. American soldiers are increasingly exhausted  by a conflict that grags on whitout an end in sight.

For the first time in its history,the American Army is not making its recruitment  quotas. Yet there is an almost inexhaustible supply of new recruits among young immigrants,both legal and ilegal.

Five soldiers of Latin American origin were among the first casualties of the Iraqi war. Three did not have American citizenship. Jose Antonio Gutierres and jesus Alberto Suarez de Solar were among them.

Jose Antonio was one of the first  U.S. Army soldiers to die in Bagdad. Has from Guatemala.

Just a few days after the conflict began, Jesus Alberto stepped on an American mine hidden in the sands of the Iraqi desert, He was from Mexico.

His father Fernando Suarez del Solar has been fighting ever since. He wants to halt the aggressive tactics of U.S. Army recruiters who target Hispanic kids in American high schools. And he wants the war come to an end.

A Film by: Raymonde Provencher

Produced by: Macumba International Inc.

(Language: English y Espaņol)

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