“””Excuse my bad writing in English.

Open letter to the media and people in general peace lover

Today I listen, I read in the media in that country’s chemical weapons are used by the ruler against his people and that America has a moral obligation to intervene in order to maintain the security of the world and especially the safety of its people and so maintain freedom and democracy …. We are in 2003, no, not the criminal President Bush who says these words, there is the brand new Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama who uses, today in 2013 the same rhetoric and excuses for another campaign war against a people that is not an enemy of us.

Today, in late August of 2013 the war drums sound around the world one more time, the excuses are the same, the interest also geopolitical control of the Middle East, thus achieving one of the most ambitious dreams of the clan in power in USA, achieve the New World Order led by USA. Yes, we have a new and disastrous war, but today with more innocent deaths danger with the use of drones nefarious, (DRONES OF DEATH) we will have destroyed innocent civilian population annihilated and even more devastated than on the people of Iraq and those “collateral deaths” are necessary to maintain our freedoms and democracy! Will the words used the Nobel Peace Prize Mr Obama. How much hypocrisy, the cynicism may have rulers!

We’ll see, one more time, military families Hispanic, Latino, working class poor, mourn the deaths of their sons, we will see one more time, those being orphaned children receive the American flag as a symbol of gratitude to the Government for father gave his life for his interest, and that child, not understanding anything, the playful receive, without shedding tears, he still can not understand that his father was a victim of the filth of war system of the country that killed his father.

I wonder today before so gloomy picture, how many parents like me have to suffer more? How many wives have to be widowed? How many children orphans? More spilled much blood will have to see rush for the American people to really wake up and say ENOUGH? While not affecting the family within the village can hardly stand up and put an end to this escalation of global violence.

It’s been over 10 years since that fateful March 27, 2003 when my son dies with the same weapons of mass destruction that the U.S. government planted in Iraq, have spent many days of pain in my heart, many tears have been shed by the loss of that loving son, a lot has happened in my life since that time and today, it seems that history will be repeated in many homes of ordinary working people in this country who today struggle for humanistic and comprehensive immigration reform with path “””to citizenship, which incidentally, that long-awaited reform possible and could put in the hands of his sons death a rifle and a coffin as the tools to achieve it.

Friends, I know it’s repetitive, but say BASTA YA! Let us fight for a better world really.

Fernando Suarez del Solar.
Agosto 27 2013